Month: February 2013

Best camera day 8

Snow snow and more snow! It was another bone chilling day, with spurts of snow showers and wild winds.
Though the weather was dreary, I made the best of it by getting my hair trimmed, in preparation for tomorrow’s job interview. I’m ecstatic, and ready to give her all I got.
Tomorrow’s plans aside I snapped a few shots of today’s chilly atmosphere. I was hopping to capture the warmth of inside, contrasted to the icy weather outdoors. Enjoy!

-the apps I use to edit my iPod photos are; snapseed, camera+, wood camera, and my favorite slow shutter camera.
Snapseed is strictly a dumbed down version of photoshop for free. While slow shutter allows one to leave the shutter open for extended periods of time. With this app, light paintings and long exposures are only a snap away.





Belated day 7 of the best camera.

So the weather out here has be oh so frightful, but my bloggers the fire was so delightful(cheesy, yes I know). The snow was pounding Denver all weekend long. I was feeling very lethargic, and caught up on some great movie relaxation time.
Therefore I have only one photo to show you all.
This is a strobes photo of my new baby, a Konica auto reflex tc. A beautiful analog SLR , that I picked up from my favorite coworker. I love this new toy and got it for an unbelievable price more on that later.


News update

Alright faithful followers, I wanted to update you all about a few things that I have in the works.

For those of you who like cooking I’m in the process of editing a article on both artichokes, and a devilish chocolate dessert. Sure to satisfy for palette.

In other news, for my fellow photogs, I will be purchasing an 1980’s analog SLR. I cannot recall the name of the camera, but I will have multiple lens for it. Introduction of my new purchase will be uploaded as soon as I get to try out the new camera.
I wanted to take the time to boy inform you all about recent projects, as well as thanking you for your support. I’m amazed each and every day to see how many people like the topics I discuss.

Thanks again and stay classy y’all!


The Best Camera Challenge: day 5

I woke today to find a good Six inches of fresh powder coating everything outside. If only I didn’t have work, would be able to enjoy the serene silence.
If you have never experienced snow, let me tell you… Your missing out in something great. Snow is natures white out. It covers all the garbage, and provides a wonderful calm.

Well as calm as snow is, it can also be a real nuisance for those of us in the rat race. So today most if my pics are of my morning drive, and a nice warm reward for my hard labor.




The Best Camera Challenge: day three.

So today was very long, overcast and chilly. I felt very unmotivated to shoot today. Probably a combination of cruddy weather, poor lighting, and overall fatigue. Well I still got out there and snapped a few on the good ol iPod . I find that shooting in b&w on overcast days is the best way for success.

Oh , forgot to add, it is snowing like crazy here in Colorado. I’m loving it.


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.jpg” alt=”20130220-221057.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />


Best Camera Challenge: Day 2


So after a hellacious day at work, a photo-walk was in desperate need. The thing that I love about photography is the opportunity to meet interesting people.

Badass Biker

I met this shady character when I turned into boding alley. At first I was nervous approaching this badass dude, but he turned out to be really nice. After a friendly introduction I asked him if I could take a photo of him. To much of my surprise he said yes and proceeded to look as serious as possible. To cool, way to cool.


Moving on I explored every  corner hoping to find some inspiration. I ran across some graffiti in both spray paint form and typography (pictured first). I couldn’t pass up this raw adulterated art slapped on the ragged walls.

Rising to the Challange 

My journey ended at the St. Anne’s Catholic Church as the sun began to set. Legs tired and body achy, I took a moment to relax and rejuvenate the wary spirit. One word sums up this trip:Inspirational



-All these photos were shot and edited on the 4th generation Ipod touch.

-If anyone would like to know what apps I use to edit this photos, just leave a comment/like and I’ll write a post about it.


“The best camera is the one that’s with you” challenge

Famous photographer Chase Jarvis said it best,”The best camera is the one that’s with you”. Chase collected tons of his personal photos strictly from his iPhone. The images are fantastic, seeing that the image quality on these devices are no dslr.

So I have decided to purchase a iPod touch, with a similar lens, and will be uploading one iPod photo a day.
My goal is to use composition, interesting subjects, and overall creativity to produce stellar shots. I’m hoping to hone my skills, and prove that it’s not the camera, but the photographer that creates wonderful images.



Gold Panda

So lately I have been listening to a ton of electronica/chill/micro-house (whatever you call it, does not matter to me), and loving every second of it. As someone with a very short attention span (that of a squirrel on caffeine) it does wonders to relax and help me focus better. The consistent beats and melodies aren’t very distracting, and are never jarring. So when business has to get done, the melodies get a flowing.


There is no-one better than Gold Panda to get study-sesh started. His melodies are like fine wine, sweet and subtle yet lively and bold in body. In other words, this dude can jam.

This is my personal favorite of his. It reminds me of summertime, friends, and warm rays of sunshine!

So if you enjoyed this happy track head over to  Gold Panda‘s site and check out all of his work.

-photo courtesy of

Golden Bubbles

Old kettle

Coors has become a household name to many beer drinkers. Every football season, thousands of people are inundated with eye catching commercials. For many grabbing a cold one means, reaching in the fridge and pulling out a frosty Coors-light. The Silver Bullet is generally the first thing that pops into peoples heads when they hear the name Coors. Though many people associate Coors as a simply beer (mainly for barbeque’s, parties, and get-together’s) this is not entirely the case.

mmm beer

Coors has done an exceptional job in reaching across the nation, helping share some of Colorado’s crisp clean atmosphere. Now I know what many may be thinking (Coors cannot be compared to craft beer! That’s ludicrous, large production doesn’t generate unique flavors like micro-brewing does) , but that’s where living in state changes those facts. The Micro-brew scene has exploded in Colorado, thanks to many successful micro-brewers (New Belgium, Left-hand, Odells, and many others) has driven the creative front of small batch brewing.

Copper Madness 

Coors has felt the pressure of these smaller competitors and developed some tasty beers themselves. Blue Moon has become their forefront craft (Belgium Ale) style beer. With its creamy orange undertones, and its smooth light finish, the Coors Blue Moon has become successful in state and nation wide.

Frothy Friends

Though there beers have become more flavorful, the tour however is tasteless and bland. For the majority of the tour, you are forced down dimly lite pale corridors, informed only by a cheesy commentator via a plastic handled phone. Much of the brewing process is hidden behind doors, and is shown by pre-recorded video demonstrations. Towards the end of the trek, you are greeted by long lines in order to taste some of Coors finest selections. It definitely feels cold, and uninviting, lacking that warm cheery atmosphere of a local pub or hometown bar.

Lion Crest

Coors Brewery is a huge facility that produces large quantities of beer to quench the thirst of many a man or woman cross the country. Coors seems to be catching onto the growing movement of micro-brewing (rumor has it that a small batch of micro brewed beers will be hitting local Colorado bars and stores this spring/summer) and returning to its ancient roots. Beer should always be about the experience surrounding the consumption. A good beer not only tastes great, but evokes memories of happy times, and should always be shared with family and friends. Larger breweries such as Coors steer away from the art/craftsmanship of brewing. These breweries lose an essential ingredient to beer making, the lasting relationship between the Crafter and the Consumer.