Month: March 2013

First Roll of Film with the New Analog SLR

Amazing Mistakes

Here are some of the first shots from my analog SLR (Konica).

I loved the outcome of these shots, since the built in light meter doesn’t work (I have been using the Light Meter app on my Ipod). With a few tweaks on the computer, these shots came out great. A few surprised me (seeing that they were a double exposure) but added to the feeling the photo provoked.


Digital Power Horse

flame on

Abstract imagery


Kickin Oldschool


Introducing friends to photography


Coolest Shop Ever

Ill Style


Konica Autoreflex TC Review

Time travel is possible these days, however it does take some special tools in order to voyage into the past. One must acquire a Analog SLR and a few quality rolls of film.

The Power Horse

I recently acquired this beauty from a college of mine at a wonderful price. For a total of seventy U.S. dollars I received a classic Konica Autoreflex TC SLR, as well as four lenses and two zoom converters. It was the deal of the century, seeing as many modern DSLR bodies can use old lenses with a simple attachment ring.

The four lenses that came with the camera include; 50mm, 135mm, 80~200m, 35~105mm. Having so many different lenses allows me to experiment with different focal planes. Which gives me more tools to help improve my technique. More importantly, film forces one to set up the shot before the image is captured. The way I take photos has changed dramatically, It has helped me strengthen my photographic eye.

This purchase also came with a classic strobe for taking flash photography, which has opened up a whole new world for me.

Taken photos is so much more work, but so much more rewarding when the perfect shot is taken.

New setup