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Colorado's favorite Ski and Sport Shop

Colorado Outdoor Life!

Colorado's favorite Sporting goods store

Colorado’s Favorite locally owned Ski and Sports Shop!

Howdy faithful followers! It has been a crazy few days here in sunny Colorado, I have been slammed with family plans, work obligations, and special projects. So I apologize for the delayed part two of my Memorial day weekend trek. I promise it will be out soon! And the photo’s came out beautifully, I am so excited to see what you guys think!

In other news, I wanted to give a shout out to a local, family, sporting-goods store that has supported me for a very long time. Larson’s Ski & Sport is Colorado locally owned an operated by John Marriot and his expert staff of sports enthusiasts. They have helped gear me up, and given me the opportunity to get my foot into the Ski & Sports Industry over the many years of working their.

I want to thank them and show them the thanks they all deserve, which is hard to do. The staff (coming from working alongside them) are super friendly and extremely knowledgable! They taught me everything that I know about the skiing and snowboarding world, from gear to techniques, and most importantly sincerity.

Small local businesses are what keep sporting, and ski industries, alive. If you are a fan of sports; gear reviews, previews, local events, world wide action sports news, local up and coming atheletes, and many more! Head on over to there new blog page, it has everything an avid outdoorsy individual could ever want. Just hit up the banner below, and give a shout-out to the guys and gals at Larson’s Ski & Sport!

Colorado's Local Ski and Sports Shop

-I am in the works of finalizing the memorial day weekend trek. Thank you for you patience and continued support!


Wild Basin, Wild Wonderland


You know that feeling you get, the one when you feel as you have already been to a place. Deja vu? When I arrived at Wild Basin, part of Rocky National Park, I felt like I had entered into one of Tolkien’s classic fantasy tales (Lord of The Rings). I was surrounded by roar of mighty rushing rapids, and enclosed by gigantic pines and aspen trees.
Ever turn led to a new place if splendor. It makes you wonder how all if this was created, how this place of beauty could just “happen” by chance. As for me, I know that the all powerful, mighty God has his hand in this magnificent place!

-more to come!

Getting Packed Up for Summer !


Warmer and lingers days have arrived in Colorado. With that, summer time hobbies are starting to begin! Hiking, camping, swimming, and tons of other fun activities are in full bloom. Stores are putting all of there gear for sale out here. So thinking to myself, I headed out to good ol REI to check out there wears.
I was tent rode by the thousands of deals they had but resisted till I found something’s that I couldn’t live without.
I came home $165 dollars lighter, and with a brand new hiking pack and a new tripod!
Some new gear to help capture some amazing new memories! Can’t wait to test them out!

Bear Peak Trail, Masterpiece!

Uphill Battle

The Goal can be hard, arduous, difficult and strenuous at times!

Let’s kick start our Summer goals off with a bang! We all have our own dreams and aspirations for the few months when the sun is in full force. Yet we let opportunities slip through the cracks. Laziness settles in, and the half-to’s become the Coxswain of our daily lives. The cell phones (sorry I ment smart phones) start chiming, emails begin to pile up, and family members plan our lives away.

The Magnificent Composer

God’s beauty! The reward of hard work!

We miss out on a lot of great moments in life because we don’t plan for it and learn to say no. Now I’m certian that when we were all kids we got the same speech about the saying no. I look at it differently, learning to say no in a positive way can benefit your life in a completely new way. Set aside some personal time to do what is most important to you, whatever that may be do it!  And make sure to not let anyone take that time from you. Say no to the phone, email, and even family members. But do so by letting them work with your schedule, not the other way around.

Emily's Cave

Sometimes one must search endlessly, in the darkest corners to find the treasure!

I read ( and listened to a audio tape) many years ago that helped me change the way I spent my time. How I scheduled the have to’s, and personal time. The book was by Stephen R. Covey, the famous businessman that introduced the world to the 7 habits of highly effective people, and was titled “Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities”. Still to this day I struggle with this, but it is an amazing  book.


Success is that overwhelming felling after struggling to complete a difficult task!

Back to Summer goals, which is the discussion of this post (and photos of achieving my first small step). I have come to realize that I thoroughly enjoy life, the whole great adventure part. Meeting new people, exploring the world, and sharing those special moments with people. I will be continuing to explore what I have in my backyard, Colorado that is! I plan on summiting more peaks! I plan on honing my photography  and hopefully getting some prints made! And most importantly sharing these moments with people, and making unforgettable memories that will last a life-time!


Don’t let life happen! Make it happen for you, otherwise you’ll miss moments such as this!

Climbing Mountains is Exhausting!

Bear Peak, Boulder Colorado.

Summit of Bear Peak , located on the Flat Irons near Boulder Colorado.

Huffing and puffing up 8,000 ft peaks is tough work, however the reward is super sweet! This was my first Mount Summit, and it was a blast. I’m too tired to write a in-depth article (plus edit over 100 photos). So enjoy this stellar pano I took this morning upon reaching the summit!


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Rodney Mullen: Mother of Invention

I remember as a kid looking up to this guy, watching him skate was mind-blowing! His creativity, and ingenuity was so original. Rodney had such a unique style and personality, I felt that I could relate. Yes, I was one of those kids that felt out of place playing team sports. I never really “fit in” with organized athletics. I always found more joy in trying to learn new tricks (wether it was on concrete or snow!). And now I still look up to the man, as a entrepreneur, seeing his extraordinary skill set shine through. Rodney never graduated from college, never received a diploma, however he still get paid to play!

Much like many successful entrepreneurs, Rodney found the creativity and invention were the keys to success. His personal go get them attitude, and the drive to be accepted in a community has led him to be one of the most successful skater alive!

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fruit pie, and meringue cookies on mothers day.


God bless our Mothers! They show us love in thousands (more so infinite ) of ways. From birth they carry us for the next 2o some years of our lives. Teaching us, encouraging us, and comforting us, without mothers the world would be a much mor dark and dreary place.

meringue cookies

Lovely meringue cookies, made with love and a heavenly touch! So light and airy, eating only one would not suffice. My mom carefully created these beauties for such a spectacular day. She finds joy in creating wonderful treats for her family.

Mother and Son, on a beautiful Mother's Day.

Mother and Son, on a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Mothers are the core to the family, they help teach us the most important things in life, how to be loving and caring people. How to forgive and forget, and most importantly build us into mature men and women.

Thanks Moms!!!!!

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Colorado sunset, Best Camera #14

I find that springtime produces the most beautiful sunsets. And that Colorado is the best state for them, you can’t beat the Rocky Mountains for a more epic backdrop. Oh, and you can’t argue that God isn’t a huge fan of our state (orange and blue)!

It was extremely hot today, and very dry. So the evening set up a perfect scene for tired Coloradans across the state.



Best Camera #13

While traveling to Estes Park last weekend for a photo adventure , I whipped out my trusty iPod. It’s amazing the image quality that you can get out of mobile multi media devices these days.
Rumor has it the next iPhone will have a12mega pixel camera! Image that! What innovations will that bring about, no one knows.
Anyway, here are the shots that were captured. I especially love the one of the dog sitting in front of the restaurant we ate breakfast at! It’s very fitting seeing that the name is the barking dog!





Back to the Basics

Upon reflection, that is reflecting on my past work, I realized that I have been forgetting to focus on the most important part that make a good photo. So I have gone back to the basics, reading and studying composition, from different sources.

Some are from past greats (Bresson, Bourke-White, and Adams), and some are new professionals and writing books on composition techniques. Each time I look or read about great composition, it points back to simple ideals. A clear subject, and a strong contrast. Sure there is way more that goes into composing a masterful photo, but sometimes the most simple composition can compete with the greats.

So I have challenged myself to look at the mundane around the house and focus purely on composition techniques. Subjects that are prominent and don’t fade into the background (or foreground), clear and clean leading lines, and prominent framing.

Here are some of the results from my perusing around the house.


This was a challenge, but it forced me to stop, and consider my entire shot. It slowed me down and made me consider the surrounding elements (leading lines, focal planes, contrast, etc.) rather than just the subject. It was a wonderful experiment, and I learned some valuable skills for when I go out into the field to capture other wonderful moments.

It goes to show you that even the everyday household objects can create some interesting subject matter. So I challenge you to take out your camera (it doesn’t have to be any fancy dslr, just check out my other photo challenge) and start shooting away! You’ll be amazed at what you find!

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