Rodney Mullen: Mother of Invention

I remember as a kid looking up to this guy, watching him skate was mind-blowing! His creativity, and ingenuity was so original. Rodney had such a unique style and personality, I felt that I could relate. Yes, I was one of those kids that felt out of place playing team sports. I never really “fit in” with organized athletics. I always found more joy in trying to learn new tricks (wether it was on concrete or snow!). And now I still look up to the man, as a entrepreneur, seeing his extraordinary skill set shine through. Rodney never graduated from college, never received a diploma, however he still get paid to play!

Much like many successful entrepreneurs, Rodney found the creativity and invention were the keys to success. His personal go get them attitude, and the drive to be accepted in a community has led him to be one of the most successful skater alive!

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