Month: July 2013

Run Like Hell!

Snowboard season is coming up and it’s time to shake off the cobwebs. I have been skateboarding off and on, which is good however, my aerobic health has gone to the wayside.

However, with the help of technology, I have found new motivation to start running again!

As a avid runner ( back in high school I might add) I was always excited to find new ways to make running fun. Well I came across a wonderful app on my iPhone today! One that I will share with you!

Run, Zombies! Is a crazy fun app that turns running into a virtual game! It records our distance, and turns Mage into a merit system. Points are then used to build a virtual strong hold to fight off vicious zombie attacks!

I have only used it once, and I’m hooked! If your like me and find your workout routine boring, check out Zombies, Run!

I’m sure you’ll live it !



The best camera #16

After a long day of work, and some much needed rain, I snapped this beauty. The timing and lighting were perfect. As far as touch up goes, I threw a filter over the image to sharpen it up with an app called snapseed. Enjoy!

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Best Camera #15


Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted a best camera photo. Long story short, I dropped my iPod touch and shattered the screen. So it was time to upgrade.

I traded my old dumb phone for a smart one! So I will now be posting best camera photos again! Starting with this beauty! Snapped this photo of Bear Lake after a long hike in Estes Park! Enjoy!

Mt. Bierstadt

Trouble on Mount Bierstadt!

Mt. Bierstadt

Mount Bierstadt, what a journey! The scenery was outstanding and breathtaking! Literally breath-taking! I constantly found myself gasping for air, as the oxygen depleted with the increase of elevation. Every step we took to get to the summit seemed to add five to ten pounds of weight to my pack.Spring at Mt. Bierstadt

The views made up for all of it, the painters palette of greens, oranges, blues, and yellows were stunning. Spring finally sprung in the Colorado Rockies and it smelled wonderful.Gold flowers on Mt. Bierstadt

The beauty dramatically changed right around 13,000 feet when a ominous black cloud crept towards the crest, all the while grumbling  at the hundreds of hikers on Bierstadts sides. Within five minutes we were caught in a tremendous thunderstorm. Hail the size of marbles were pummiling us as we raced down hill. The screams of women and children were heard when a crash of lighting touched down fifty feet away from us! Luckily no adventurers were harmed.

Once we reached the basin we tore off our wet clothes and pulled out the “ice chest” for some refreshing beverages and a epic picnic lunch! Though we were happy to have the experience of near death, we learned a very important lesson:

Start early and respect the mountain!

Picnic on Mt. Bierstadt Picnic on Mt. Bierstadt

-Thanks for your continued support. I have been slammed with wonderful job opportunities (thank you God!) , and have had little time to update the blog. I appreciate your avid viewership and will be posting more often again! Thanks!

Mountain Goats on Mt. Bierstadt

Saw these guys on the way down the hill!

Colorado Grey Mountain

Long time no see!

Colorado Grey Mountain

Girl Skateboards Pretty Sweet Tour 2013

I realize that this post is way overdue. I apologize for the lack of updated content, my plate has been abundantly full lately . I have been slammed with event after event at the ski shop that I  work at (Larson’s Ski & Sport). We have been trying out some new ways to promote our name. Very fun and innovative tasks, which seem to consume my spare time.

I do however have some interesting happenings to share with you all! Summer has been extremely hot in Colorado, the forests are burning again (contained though), however there are plenty of wonderful things happening around the state. Skateboarding, hiking, and grilling make-up for most of my weekends and evenings. Each came with great stories, and awesome memories!

Check back later this week for more new stories, and thank you all for your continued support!