The best camera challenge

Spur of the moment photos using only an Ipod touch to capture a piece of history. Inspired by professional photographer Chase Jarvis ,”The best camera is the one that’s with you”.

The best camera #16

After a long day of work, and some much needed rain, I snapped this beauty. The timing and lighting were perfect. As far as touch up goes, I threw a filter over the image to sharpen it up with an app called snapseed. Enjoy!

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Best Camera #15


Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted a best camera photo. Long story short, I dropped my iPod touch and shattered the screen. So it was time to upgrade.

I traded my old dumb phone for a smart one! So I will now be posting best camera photos again! Starting with this beauty! Snapped this photo of Bear Lake after a long hike in Estes Park! Enjoy!

Colorado sunset, Best Camera #14

I find that springtime produces the most beautiful sunsets. And that Colorado is the best state for them, you can’t beat the Rocky Mountains for a more epic backdrop. Oh, and you can’t argue that God isn’t a huge fan of our state (orange and blue)!

It was extremely hot today, and very dry. So the evening set up a perfect scene for tired Coloradans across the state.



Best Camera #13

While traveling to Estes Park last weekend for a photo adventure , I whipped out my trusty iPod. It’s amazing the image quality that you can get out of mobile multi media devices these days.
Rumor has it the next iPhone will have a12mega pixel camera! Image that! What innovations will that bring about, no one knows.
Anyway, here are the shots that were captured. I especially love the one of the dog sitting in front of the restaurant we ate breakfast at! It’s very fitting seeing that the name is the barking dog!





Beer and Giant Jenga!?

Giant Jenga is a very deadly sport, huge bricks hurtling at people’s heads becomes s full contact sport….

Especially when liquor is involved! 1up bar is a working arcade with a full bar located in downtown Denver, and it is constantly packed.

They have all the great classics, from pong to pac man, and even skeeball. What better way to see who will be buying the next round based on the final skeeball score.

This place is a blast from the past, and if you can get to the giant Jenga tables, beware the splinters!




Best camera #12



Spring has finally sprung in Colorado. The snow is starting to melt and the soft evening light is starting shine.

I saw the light and shadows playing off of one of the chairs in our kitchen. So I began snapping away and playing with different perspectives. Here is what I got to show for my work.

Let me know what you think or what you would to see more of.

Best camera #11


I have recently been reading about several different styles of photography, and even moving pictures (cinematography).

But my favorites have been between Henri Cartier Bresson and Ansel Adams. Both photographers have very unique styles; one street photos, the other landscapes. The both are very inspiring. Just like this sunset, I saw after exiting the public library.

Enjoy and always remember to stay inspired, and constantly perfect your craft every second that you can.

The Best Camera 10.5

“Photography reproduces an image from what God has made for all to see.”

Today is now the second week in a row to start off with crazy snow flurries. Last week as I drove home, I past this old pasture, a rundown plot of land that is nestled next to bustling suburbs.

I have passed this area far too many times over the past twenty years, never thinking twice about it.
That is until last week.

The scene was set up perfectly, fresh glistening snow, bone chilling air, and grayscale encapsulating the world. As I drove by I saw a lovely pair of horses, huddled next to each other.

I cursed myself for forgetting all of my cameras, and missing such an opportunity.

So today was a second chance, the snow was falling all around, the crackle of frozen ice underfoot and whistling wind edged me own ward.

Unfortunately the horses were being feed and holed up for a chilly nights slumber. So I missed my golden opportunity. A hard lesson to learn…

“The best camera is always the one you left at home.”






The Best Camera Challenge #10

It has been a while since I uploaded some photos from my faithful little Ipod. I have been exploring a lot of various tools for capturing images, mainly sticking to more technical devices ( analog and digital slr’s). I find that they are easier to rely on, especially when a split second is all that matters. So whenever I find myself in pickle and in need of camera I turn to old faithful(ipod). So here are a few that I have captured, spur of the moment and edited after the fact. Enjoy!


Best camera day 8

Snow snow and more snow! It was another bone chilling day, with spurts of snow showers and wild winds.
Though the weather was dreary, I made the best of it by getting my hair trimmed, in preparation for tomorrow’s job interview. I’m ecstatic, and ready to give her all I got.
Tomorrow’s plans aside I snapped a few shots of today’s chilly atmosphere. I was hopping to capture the warmth of inside, contrasted to the icy weather outdoors. Enjoy!

-the apps I use to edit my iPod photos are; snapseed, camera+, wood camera, and my favorite slow shutter camera.
Snapseed is strictly a dumbed down version of photoshop for free. While slow shutter allows one to leave the shutter open for extended periods of time. With this app, light paintings and long exposures are only a snap away.