New Logo Design

New Logo Design

Figure I would clean up my page, and liven it up with some new graphics! Check it out!


Colorado Sunset

So I found this old video that I made last year (ha not that old then). I recently got a new gopro and decided to experiment with make a time-lapse video. So I head outside and started taking still… for … EVER!
This 30 second short to over 2 hours to capture with over 2000 still shots! its amazing what the professionals have to go through.

Although I found it extremely amazing and relaxing to make this!


Long's Peak Estes Park Colorado

Morning Glory

Long's Peak Estes Park Colorado

The officer waved us on, once he realized we were sober, sane (depending on your definition) , all set to start our epic journey. Within five minutes we arrived at the parking lot at Long’s Mountain. It was dark, cool, and sleepy even though the parking lot was bustling with life at two o’clock in the morning. Gear packed, brain drowsy, and head lamps on snugly, we set off.

Walking in complete darkness is one wild trip, your mind can’t comprehend what lies beyond the dark trees. Each step is greeted with a eery sound deep within  the forest. Around every corner dark figures creep behind twisted trees, sneaking a peek while we press on.

As we ventured on, we came into a vast opening on the mountain side. In complete darkness, one could only make out a dotted snake of headlamps meandering across the trails below. Simply magical, it felt as if we had entered another world, one of mystery and mystical creatures. The higher we climbed the thiner the air got, and the brighter the sky was. The light revealed the shadow of the looming mountain, beaconing us on! ….

…the adventure continues next time!

I wanna thank you all for your continued readership, this is my passion! I love sharing my journeys and photos with all of you, Hope some day to take extended hikes, as well as share my day to day experiences. Stay classy and keep on keeping on!

Early Birds


-The alarm screamed at us to move our lazy carcass’s from our deep slumber.

-a loud groan escaped my body as a strobe of jarring light blinded my eyes. Not being a morning person, 1:00am is way to early.

The light was then followed by a cacophony of sound coming from my alarm clock.

I fumbled my way through getting dressed and into the car. Soon after we met up with our guide Kaiyote.

In a fog, we continued down the road to the Long’s trail head.

Out of nowhere we were greeted by flashing red and blue lights! Busted!…

-Will we ever get to Longs Peak?! Stay tuned!