Let’s Get Magical!

What is creative? Is there a straight definition for it, or is it more like “guidelines”. Webster’s Dictionary defines creative as, “4,to produce through imaginative skill”, and “1, to make or bring into existence something new”. I bring this up to discuss a recent happening in my life, a photo contest of sorts that I participated in at my photography club.

As an avid photo hobbyist, and competitor, I had to put my best work forward. The Contest consisted three separate categories; Color, Monochrome, and Creative. All great categories, but Creative is very broad. So with that, problems were bound to happen. What can a judge say makes a photo creative, whether its made prior to the exposure or only in post production.

Creative means to me, a new or innovate self expression, that cannot be judged or explained but only by the creator. The reasons why an artist creates a subjet that or not symmetric could have a significant meaning for the creator, and could me a completely different thing for the viewer.

Therefore, I was extremely frustrated at the outcome of the creative category. It seems photographers get lazy, only using photoshop filters to get “creative” shots. Although the contest defined the creative category as, “a clear departure from reality” I feel that limits creative to only surreal, or abstract. The only reason for my disagrement is their “definition of creative” and wished they would chose a different category. Maybe a rotating unique categories from month to month.

Enough ranting for this post, and if you feel the same way or disagree , please comment, I am open for discussion. I would love to hear from everyone that follows!

P.S.  Here is a creative Post-Production Image for y’all to get lost in.