Viewer Appreciation: Serial Princess

So after reaching my first 100 followers (which I am ecstatic about) I thought I would give a little shout out to those of you who made this goal a possibility!

With that being said, I plan on show casing one of my first followers, Serial Princess (aka Ayumi).

Serial Princess is a Blogger who writes about the hottest tech, fiercest sports, sleekest rides, and freshest recipes?

Yes, I said recipes. And damn, they are super scrumptious (looking)! Serial Princess brings a tomboy’s perspective on today’s cultural icons, products, and news. Princess balances her in-depth reviews with detail recipe instructions as well!

Recently she has begun to write product reviews for The Roosevelts,”Founded in 2012 to provide readers and brands we love a highbrow adventure for the brain featuring content that inspires, educates and entertains.“.

Please check out both Serial Princess at serialprincess.wordpress.com and here articles at the rsvlts.com


Estes Park: Ghostly Encounters

The Stanley

All work and no play makes me a very dull boy.

The infamous Stanley hotel, as made infamous by the classic horror movie “The Shinning”. Still to this day I get the hebbie-jebbies watching that movie, and rightfully so. I won’t lie I did feel a little uneasy going into the Stanley at night, however I could not pass on such a great opportunity. As we approached the grounds there was an eerie vibe about this place. The buildings that still stand today have seen many people pass onto the afterlife, some more peacefully than others.

The Shinning

Spooky Stairway

Upon entering the building we were greeted by the welcoming sounds of glasses clinking and faces smiling . Each room was ornately decorated and softly lit. While one room was only illuminated by a small dying fire. This lonely dark room seemed to be calling out to me, to enter in and capture its story. As I was snapping the following image a loud thud came from above. Half startled, and heart racing, we left immediately.


Enough of ghost chasing and looking for old horror tales, we needed something to calm the nerves and enjoy this Spirit filled place.

Scotchy scotch

So the evening was not a total bust, we finally found some real spirits lurking around the corner. And the bartender wasn’t half bad either.

The Stanley Bar Whiskey

Both the overwhelming selection of Whiskeys and Gins (local and imported) we mind boggling. The bartender went into great detail explaining the history of each liquor and their unique flavours.

Best Gin Ever

However, not being a whiskey drinker myself (and the gentleman that I am), preferred to have a exquisite G&T. This particular Gin by Spirit Hound (locally made in Lyons, Colorado) was unique by its light, smooth, and vibrant taste. Instead of being harsh, the juniper in this gin was clean and perfectly fused with such a strong grain alcohol.

Though the chilling horror stories that seem to float around The Stanley Hotel, it was a rather pleasant place to visit. I now leave the spirits behind for them to claim their next victim.


Estes Park: An Highly Expected Journey