fruit pie, and meringue cookies on mothers day.


God bless our Mothers! They show us love in thousands (more so infinite ) of ways. From birth they carry us for the next 2o some years of our lives. Teaching us, encouraging us, and comforting us, without mothers the world would be a much mor dark and dreary place.

meringue cookies

Lovely meringue cookies, made with love and a heavenly touch! So light and airy, eating only one would not suffice. My mom carefully created these beauties for such a spectacular day. She finds joy in creating wonderful treats for her family.

Mother and Son, on a beautiful Mother's Day.

Mother and Son, on a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Mothers are the core to the family, they help teach us the most important things in life, how to be loving and caring people. How to forgive and forget, and most importantly build us into mature men and women.

Thanks Moms!!!!!

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News update

Alright faithful followers, I wanted to update you all about a few things that I have in the works.

For those of you who like cooking I’m in the process of editing a article on both artichokes, and a devilish chocolate dessert. Sure to satisfy for palette.

In other news, for my fellow photogs, I will be purchasing an 1980’s analog SLR. I cannot recall the name of the camera, but I will have multiple lens for it. Introduction of my new purchase will be uploaded as soon as I get to try out the new camera.
I wanted to take the time to boy inform you all about recent projects, as well as thanking you for your support. I’m amazed each and every day to see how many people like the topics I discuss.

Thanks again and stay classy y’all!


Estes Park: An Highly Expected Journey


The warmth of the morning light was welcoming, since the cabin was frigid all night. As I woke, I was greeted by a friendly face peeking through the front window. A tremendous buck was happily gulping down seeds from several bird feeders, and didn’t mind my presence. I sneaked outside to snap a few photos and take in the fresh mountain air.


After sharing a pleasant breakfast with our new friend, we hopped in the car and met up with our hiking guide. Amazed by Coyote’s(our tour guide) knowledge of the park and trails we were going on, we began our journey. From time to time we were taken to hidden trails and secret passages through the mountain side. I began to feel as I was in one of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings movies. At times the trek was arduous and treacherous, slipping on sheets of ice and falling in tree wells. Each challenging pass brought landscapes of great wonder.

Blue Steel



Our hike brought us to many frozen lakes, solid enough to drive large commercial vehicles on. It was majestic and inspiring, seeing the amazing forces the weather impacted the land with.

After our hike concluded, we headed back into civilization. It was sad to leave such a beautiful place, but the memories will always remain with me. Along the way back home we stopped in Lyons,Colorado to grab some grub and drooled over some amazing vintage motors.

Caged Beast

Brit Bloke


Lyons Soda

Lyon’s Cocoa is an old time Soda Shop, that serves classic malts, sodas, and fried food. Their chocolate malts and milkshakes were to die for, and the ‘dogs weren’t bad either. Classic Coca-Cola signs and vintage memorabilia made you feel as you stepped into a time-machine. It was the perfect way to end our Estes Park adventure.

12 flavors of fun

Brain Freeze

-Thank you all for following me while I explore the beautiful state Colorado. More adventures are sure to come, so hang around to see many more tales of the great sunshine state!