Mellow Vibes

Mellow Vibes

Whenever I get extremely bored, I revert to hip hop beat producing. If you find any enjoyment in hip hop, feel free to check out my beats. Critiques are more than welcome. Enjoy!


Gold Panda

So lately I have been listening to a ton of electronica/chill/micro-house (whatever you call it, does not matter to me), and loving every second of it. As someone with a very short attention span (that of a squirrel on caffeine) it does wonders to relax and help me focus better. The consistent beats and melodies aren’t very distracting, and are never jarring. So when business has to get done, the melodies get a flowing.


There is no-one better than Gold Panda to get study-sesh started. His melodies are like fine wine, sweet and subtle yet lively and bold in body. In other words, this dude can jam.

This is my personal favorite of his. It reminds me of summertime, friends, and warm rays of sunshine!

So if you enjoyed this happy track head over to  Gold Panda‘s site and check out all of his work.

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“I don’t wanna ill, I just wanna chill”

Large Professor says it best, some day all I wanna do is relax and kick back, listen to some good music and work on some photos.

Nothing beats some clean melodies to ease the stress of today away. While I was sitting around listening to some music, I thought of some interesting shots that I could take. I got off of my lazy ass, and got to work. After twenty minutes of setting up a make-shift studio in my basement I set up a still life of my old Technic turntable. My inspiration for moving and grooving was all thanks to The Physics. Probably the best song that I have heard in a long time, great beat and amazing lyrics. Check these guys out, true hip hop killers.

Real musicians like both of these bands need all the support that they can get. If music fans want true soulful music, instead of the trash that is played on the radio, check both of these artists out.

I just wanna chill

Well here is the final product, after many hours spent setting up the set, to mixing up the medicine in the lab It is finished. This is my first studio shot and It was a great lesson in flash/light work. Hope you all enjoy my rants, thanks so much for all of your support!