Flokeh! (Flower Bohkeh)



It has been way to long since I have posted any photos so here is a photo I took while I was filming for a friends wedding!

Had this awesome opportunity due to in-climate weather (overcast and rainy) which was perfect for photos like this, but a bummer for a wedding.

And let me tell you doing video for weddings is a nightmare, from the start to finish I couldn’t catch a breather.

If you are ever considering making a film for a friends wedding, or professionally, consider how much work its going to take.

It surprised me, I’m still having to deal with processing issues months after the video was finally edited.

However I still had a blast doing so, and helped me learn how to work with people effectively.

Managing four individual cameras was crazy but awesome, and overall the couple was happy with my work!

So if I had further filming opportunities, I would first strongly consider the work load, plan for the event, and take it by the horns and hold on tight!


Colorado Sunset

So I found this old video that I made last year (ha not that old then). I recently got a new gopro and decided to experiment with make a time-lapse video. So I head outside and started taking still… for … EVER!
This 30 second short to over 2 hours to capture with over 2000 still shots! its amazing what the professionals have to go through.

Although I found it extremely amazing and relaxing to make this!


Long’s Peak an Endless Journey!



After a summer of epic hikes, we have finally arrived to our final destination! Long’s Peak, in all of its glory, was shrouded in gold rays as we drove into Estes Park. The sunset was welcoming, almost letting us know that our journey next day was going to go well.

We arrived at our quaint cabin room for the night, and unloaded all of our gear. As I was cleaning up before hitting the hay I noticed a bottle opener hanging on the bathroom door! Well I guess theirs different strokes for different folks…

-the story continues soon! More epic photos are on their way!

The best camera #16

After a long day of work, and some much needed rain, I snapped this beauty. The timing and lighting were perfect. As far as touch up goes, I threw a filter over the image to sharpen it up with an app called snapseed. Enjoy!

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Wild Basin, Wild Wonderland


You know that feeling you get, the one when you feel as you have already been to a place. Deja vu? When I arrived at Wild Basin, part of Rocky National Park, I felt like I had entered into one of Tolkien’s classic fantasy tales (Lord of The Rings). I was surrounded by roar of mighty rushing rapids, and enclosed by gigantic pines and aspen trees.
Ever turn led to a new place if splendor. It makes you wonder how all if this was created, how this place of beauty could just “happen” by chance. As for me, I know that the all powerful, mighty God has his hand in this magnificent place!

-more to come!

Getting Packed Up for Summer !


Warmer and lingers days have arrived in Colorado. With that, summer time hobbies are starting to begin! Hiking, camping, swimming, and tons of other fun activities are in full bloom. Stores are putting all of there gear for sale out here. So thinking to myself, I headed out to good ol REI to check out there wears.
I was tent rode by the thousands of deals they had but resisted till I found something’s that I couldn’t live without.
I came home $165 dollars lighter, and with a brand new hiking pack and a new tripod!
Some new gear to help capture some amazing new memories! Can’t wait to test them out!

Climbing Mountains is Exhausting!

Bear Peak, Boulder Colorado.

Summit of Bear Peak , located on the Flat Irons near Boulder Colorado.

Huffing and puffing up 8,000 ft peaks is tough work, however the reward is super sweet! This was my first Mount Summit, and it was a blast. I’m too tired to write a in-depth article (plus edit over 100 photos). So enjoy this stellar pano I took this morning upon reaching the summit!


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Back to the Basics

Upon reflection, that is reflecting on my past work, I realized that I have been forgetting to focus on the most important part that make a good photo. So I have gone back to the basics, reading and studying composition, from different sources.

Some are from past greats (Bresson, Bourke-White, and Adams), and some are new professionals and writing books on composition techniques. Each time I look or read about great composition, it points back to simple ideals. A clear subject, and a strong contrast. Sure there is way more that goes into composing a masterful photo, but sometimes the most simple composition can compete with the greats.

So I have challenged myself to look at the mundane around the house and focus purely on composition techniques. Subjects that are prominent and don’t fade into the background (or foreground), clear and clean leading lines, and prominent framing.

Here are some of the results from my perusing around the house.


This was a challenge, but it forced me to stop, and consider my entire shot. It slowed me down and made me consider the surrounding elements (leading lines, focal planes, contrast, etc.) rather than just the subject. It was a wonderful experiment, and I learned some valuable skills for when I go out into the field to capture other wonderful moments.

It goes to show you that even the everyday household objects can create some interesting subject matter. So I challenge you to take out your camera (it doesn’t have to be any fancy dslr, just check out my other photo challenge) and start shooting away! You’ll be amazed at what you find!

P.S. if any of you found this interesting and would like to learn along side me as I explore composition techniques, or would like this to be a new subject, please vote on the poll! This allows me to get your opinion, and helps me know what interests you! Thanks again for the support and remember to stay creative!

Up at 3am

What a crazy day! I’m writing this half asleep, so I apologize in advance for any gramatical errors. I got a insane idea to wake up at 3am drive and hour and a half to Estes Park (with a good friend of mine, fellow photog) to capture the sunrise.

Best way to spend the Cinco de Mayo Ever! It is still winter in the sleepy town of Estes (and Lyons), and we were welcome by the local coyotes at sunrise.

I was able to get some stellar photos and put together a rough video of the mornings adventures.

Sit back and let your inner mountain man out!

Estes Park 2013



REd Rocks

Is film dead? Some may say so, but there are so many wonderful photographers that still use it to this day. There are numerous benefits to using film (higher pixel count, forces user to take time composing shot, interesting formatting, etc.) that digital cannot recreate.

Winter Tree

Film is like a box of chocolates, as cheesy as it sounds, you will never know what your going to get. I love that feeling that you can’t look into a brightly lit lcd screen to see how the shot came out. It makes the anticipation that much more exciting, as one waits for a roll to be developed.

Tree Limbs

I have only started getting into film and cannot not describe the feeling one gets when snapping a photo. The click of the spool wheel as you forward the roll is like nothing else. If you are feeling that your love of photography is becoming stale, I highly recommend grabbing an old analog camera and start shooting your days away.

-by the way all of these photos were shot on 35mm film with a holga 120cfn (which normally takes 120 format film). I still have yet to find a film developer that would develop 35mm film (or 12o format rolls)with the spools included (since shooting with this camera exposes the entire width of the roll).