Up at 3am

What a crazy day! I’m writing this half asleep, so I apologize in advance for any gramatical errors. I got a insane idea to wake up at 3am drive and hour and a half to Estes Park (with a good friend of mine, fellow photog) to capture the sunrise.

Best way to spend the Cinco de Mayo Ever! It is still winter in the sleepy town of Estes (and Lyons), and we were welcome by the local coyotes at sunrise.

I was able to get some stellar photos and put together a rough video of the mornings adventures.

Sit back and let your inner mountain man out!

Estes Park 2013



Light Painting… can be messy.

For anyone who has no idea what I’m taking about, please take a look at Pablo Picasso’s light painting photos. They can sum up light painting in one image. However not all of us are visual learners, so I will break it down for you.

Light painting is a form of photography where the photographer (artist) uses light (i.e. torches, flash lights, glow sticks, etc.) to create shapes and forms on and image. The only way this is achieved is to record the movement, or trails, of light via a long exposure. A long exposure is created when the aperture ( opening in the camera that lets light in) is left open for an extended length of time (seconds minutes or even hours!). While the aperture is open the photographer moves his light among the scene creating light trails (or lines) to develop an image.

There are many different ways to “paint” with light, one could, for example; build geometric shapes and patterns, light up certain objects in a different and unique ways, or create movement in a still shot. Light painting is endless, and is open to peoples orginal interpretations.

I recently felt an overwhelming desire well up within me to practice this technique and was able to create some interesting shots. Enjoy!


… and the messy part was working with food coloring and water. Lets just say, (as “towlie” would say) don’t forget to bring a towel!