RZA Caricature


Another Quick lunchtime sketch, this time I decided to do a caricature of RZA from Wu-Tang Clan!




Estes Park: Majestic Intervention


How can I sum up Estes Park in on world…Majestic! The Landscape, Atmosphere, Wildlife, and People are surreal. Visiting Estes is like walking into another world. Upon arrival I was greeted by quaint “Welcome” signs and Authentic Ranger Rick’s and Sue’s.

Ma & Pa Kettle

I took this wonderful trip with both of my parents and shared the wonders of the land. It seemed like every time that I turned around, I would see both of them with the cheesiest grins on their faces. It is because of my parents joy of exploration and love of the outdoors that I felt at home in the wild.


As we were driving around the vast expanse, we noticed a moving shadow in the woods. A mother Moose and her calf were creeping along the corners of the forest, looking for a path across the road.

Moose Crossing

As we patiently watched, both Mother and calf jaunted across the road as their audience cheered them on with “oohs” and “ahhs”, and the occasional snap of a camera.

Midnight Composure

With so much action in just the first few hours of our trip, I knew I was going to be blown away every where I looked.

-Next Time:

Estes Park: Ghostly Encounters