still life

Human skull study

Continuing to practice the human anatomy. Found this metal photo of a human skull and had to do a quick sketch. Enjoy!


I added a few touches in snapseed after effects to make it more dramatic.


Climbing Mountains is Exhausting!

Bear Peak, Boulder Colorado.

Summit of Bear Peak , located on the Flat Irons near Boulder Colorado.

Huffing and puffing up 8,000 ft peaks is tough work, however the reward is super sweet! This was my first Mount Summit, and it was a blast. I’m too tired to write a in-depth article (plus edit over 100 photos). So enjoy this stellar pano I took this morning upon reaching the summit!


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Back to the Basics

Upon reflection, that is reflecting on my past work, I realized that I have been forgetting to focus on the most important part that make a good photo. So I have gone back to the basics, reading and studying composition, from different sources.

Some are from past greats (Bresson, Bourke-White, and Adams), and some are new professionals and writing books on composition techniques. Each time I look or read about great composition, it points back to simple ideals. A clear subject, and a strong contrast. Sure there is way more that goes into composing a masterful photo, but sometimes the most simple composition can compete with the greats.

So I have challenged myself to look at the mundane around the house and focus purely on composition techniques. Subjects that are prominent and don’t fade into the background (or foreground), clear and clean leading lines, and prominent framing.

Here are some of the results from my perusing around the house.


This was a challenge, but it forced me to stop, and consider my entire shot. It slowed me down and made me consider the surrounding elements (leading lines, focal planes, contrast, etc.) rather than just the subject. It was a wonderful experiment, and I learned some valuable skills for when I go out into the field to capture other wonderful moments.

It goes to show you that even the everyday household objects can create some interesting subject matter. So I challenge you to take out your camera (it doesn’t have to be any fancy dslr, just check out my other photo challenge) and start shooting away! You’ll be amazed at what you find!

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Light Painting… can be messy.

For anyone who has no idea what I’m taking about, please take a look at Pablo Picasso’s light painting photos. They can sum up light painting in one image. However not all of us are visual learners, so I will break it down for you.

Light painting is a form of photography where the photographer (artist) uses light (i.e. torches, flash lights, glow sticks, etc.) to create shapes and forms on and image. The only way this is achieved is to record the movement, or trails, of light via a long exposure. A long exposure is created when the aperture ( opening in the camera that lets light in) is left open for an extended length of time (seconds minutes or even hours!). While the aperture is open the photographer moves his light among the scene creating light trails (or lines) to develop an image.

There are many different ways to “paint” with light, one could, for example; build geometric shapes and patterns, light up certain objects in a different and unique ways, or create movement in a still shot. Light painting is endless, and is open to peoples orginal interpretations.

I recently felt an overwhelming desire well up within me to practice this technique and was able to create some interesting shots. Enjoy!


… and the messy part was working with food coloring and water. Lets just say, (as “towlie” would say) don’t forget to bring a towel!


“I don’t wanna ill, I just wanna chill”

Large Professor says it best, some day all I wanna do is relax and kick back, listen to some good music and work on some photos.

Nothing beats some clean melodies to ease the stress of today away. While I was sitting around listening to some music, I thought of some interesting shots that I could take. I got off of my lazy ass, and got to work. After twenty minutes of setting up a make-shift studio in my basement I set up a still life of my old Technic turntable. My inspiration for moving and grooving was all thanks to The Physics. Probably the best song that I have heard in a long time, great beat and amazing lyrics. Check these guys out, true hip hop killers.

Real musicians like both of these bands need all the support that they can get. If music fans want true soulful music, instead of the trash that is played on the radio, check both of these artists out.

I just wanna chill

Well here is the final product, after many hours spent setting up the set, to mixing up the medicine in the lab It is finished. This is my first studio shot and It was a great lesson in flash/light work. Hope you all enjoy my rants, thanks so much for all of your support!