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H1Z1 and Twitch Streaming!

Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog site. And a lot has happen in the months that have passed. I hope everyone is doing well and i look forward to reading your wonderful stories!

Recently I have been getting back into video gaming. I thoroughly enjoy being able chat with others from across the globe. I find that being able to play video games with others does two wonderful things for me. One, it is a huge stress relief from work (which is working retail) and two, I get to talk with people from different lifestyles.

I bring this subject up mainly because the social aspect of gaming has grown dramatically. This current generation of console have somewhat forced games to be run online. This reflects the increase in the gamer population. America’s entertainment software industry provides gaming needs to tons of gamers across the U.S. . According to their statistics U.S. computer and video game software sales grew 22.9 percent in 2008 to $11.7 billion – more than quadrupling industry software sales since 1996.” This shows back to 2008, and only in the U.S.!

Imagine what growth has happened in the past 7 years! So I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful gaming community. Recently I have started getting into video game streaming. Twitch is the largest game streaming site available. One can view professional gaming events from the comfort of their home, or share their personal experiences with hundreds if not thousands online.

I have only done it for a few days but I absolutely love every minute of it. If you would like to see my playthroughs and live content please fell free to join me! You’ll be able to follow me at Twitch name


Please join me, I stream most nights between 7pm-12pm. If you don’t see on there message me. I will try to keep this blog updated with dates and times for streams. I look forward to gaming with you all!


Beer and Giant Jenga!?

Giant Jenga is a very deadly sport, huge bricks hurtling at people’s heads becomes s full contact sport….

Especially when liquor is involved! 1up bar is a working arcade with a full bar located in downtown Denver, and it is constantly packed.

They have all the great classics, from pong to pac man, and even skeeball. What better way to see who will be buying the next round based on the final skeeball score.

This place is a blast from the past, and if you can get to the giant Jenga tables, beware the splinters!