Viewer Appreciation: Serial Princess

So after reaching my first 100 followers (which I am ecstatic about) I thought I would give a little shout out to those of you who made this goal a possibility!

With that being said, I plan on show casing one of my first followers, Serial Princess (aka Ayumi).

Serial Princess is a Blogger who writes about the hottest tech, fiercest sports, sleekest rides, and freshest recipes?

Yes, I said recipes. And damn, they are super scrumptious (looking)! Serial Princess brings a tomboy’s perspective on today’s cultural icons, products, and news. Princess balances her in-depth reviews with detail recipe instructions as well!

Recently she has begun to write product reviews for The Roosevelts,”Founded in 2012 to provide readers and brands we love a highbrow adventure for the brain featuring content that inspires, educates and entertains.“.

Please check out both Serial Princess at serialprincess.wordpress.com and here articles at the rsvlts.com


Site Layout

Just a quick Q&A session, for anyone who would like to respond to this.

1. How do you like the site layout? Is it to busy? Is it easy to navigate?

2. Would you like me to post photos based on photography techniques, changing each month (i.e. May being framing composition, June being depth of field, etc.)?

3. Which topic is your favorite; The Best Camera Challenge, Old World Cooking, Daily Drama, The Tipsy Traveler. Which topic would you like to read more about?

Thank you for following and supporting my work, I thoroughly enjoy hearing from all of you.

Please respond in order to make this blog more effective, so that I can keep bringing you the entertainment you all desire!